2019 Week 1 SEO News Recap

Google Assistant Should Improve IQ With Acquisition of Q & A Startup Superpod

Google has acquired the startup Superpod, an app allowing users to post questions and receive answers from experts within an hour, Axios reports. The roughly $60 million acquisition includes hiring the startup’s founders and obtaining some assets—a deal that will likely boost the ability of Google Assistant to accurately answer questions. Further aspects of the acquisition are being kept quiet. Superpod shut down its app in September “as part of a transition into a larger project.”

Robots.txt tip from Bing: Include all relevant directives if you have a Bingbot section

Frédéric Dubut, a senior program manager at Microsoft working on Bing Search, said on Twitter Wednesday that when you create a specific section in your robots.txt file for its Bingbot crawler, you should make sure to list all the default directives in that section. Specify directives for Bingbot. “If you create a section for Bingbot specifically, all the default directives will be ignored (except Crawl-Delay),” he said. “You MUST copy-paste the directives you want Bingbot to follow under its own section,” he added.

Google: Links From Non-English Languages Are Not Unnatural Links

This may be filed under the super obvious category but John Mueller from Google confirmed that you do not need to disavow links to your site just because those links come from pages that are in your language. So if you write in English and a site in Spanish links to you, that doesn’t make the link a bad link. John said this on Twitter, “Nah, the language of the page doesn’t make it an unnatural link.”

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