2019 Week 10 SEO News Recap

Google Automobile Knowledge Panel

Google is now showing a new knowledge panel and search result interface for car related keywords. So if you search for a a make and brand and year, you get this neat packed up search result with all the details on that specific car.

Connecting you to visual shoppers with new ad formats on Google Images

Google has seen that 50 percent of online shoppers said images of the product inspired them to purchase, and increasingly, they’re turning to Google Images. That’s why Google is investing in shopping solutions across more of their properties, like Google Images. Google is introducing shoppable ads on Google Images as another way to helping connect with consumers. This new format enables you to highlight multiple products available for sale within your sponsored ad among Google Images results. Google is currently testing this on a small percentage of traffic with select retailers,

SEOs on Google e-commerce category recommendation: ‘I’ll stop doing it when it stops working.’

E-commerce SEOs often place relevant content about a category in the footer of their e-commerce category pages, hoping it will help the page rank in search. But Google’s John Mueller recently suggested in a webmaster hangout that this isn’t a good idea. He said “I’d try to stick to really informative content and put that in places where you think that users will be able to see it,” rather than throwing that content on the footer of the page.

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