2019 Week 12 SEO News Recap

Google March 2019 Core Update Myth Busting From Google

When asked if this new core update reverses the previous core updates, possibly the August 1st core update, a Google spokesperson gave us a scripted comment: “We’re constantly improving our algorithms and build forward to improve.”But, Google didn’t say no. Google said this update was not related to any of the past Penguin updates. “This wasn’t a Penguin update, because we no longer have those, as we’ve said before. Google won’t tell us how big this update was but said it wasn’t the biggest. Google said all core updates and neural matching updates are unrelated, in fact, Google said they checked to see if any updates to Google’s neural matching were released around the same time as any of the core updates and they were not.

Google hasn’t supported rel=next/prev for a while

Google has stopped supporting the rel=next/prev markup it launched back in 2011. The interesting part is, Google has not supported it for the past few years and didn’t tell anyone! Google’s John Mueller confirmed on Twitter that Google stopped supporting it completely. It is unclear as to when Google stopped supporting it. John Mueller said it was a “number of years ago.” Google said it saw sites approach pagination differently since it stopped supporting it, so the company feels that people are building great sites without the markup. Google is now recommending to try to make sure they put their content on a single page and not break them into multiple pages for the same piece of content.

Google Fined $1.7 Billion by E.U. for Unfair Advertising Rules

European authorities on Wednesday fined Google 1.5 billion euros for antitrust violations in the online advertising market, continuing its efforts to rein in the world’s biggest technology companies. The fine, worth about $1.7 billion, is the third against Google by the European Union since 2017, reinforcing the region’s position as the world’s most aggressive watchdog of an industry with an increasingly powerful role in society and the global economy. The regulators said Google had violated antitrust rules by imposing unfair terms on companies that used its search bar on their websites in Europe.

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