2019 Week 16 SEO News Recap

Google Search Console is Still Affected by Indexing Bug

Google’s indexing bug was resolved last week, but Search Console is still recovering. Site owners may notice their index coverage and enhancement reports in Search Console have not been updated recently. In addition, the URL inspection tool may return data that is not reflective of the live status. However, Google says the URL inspection tool can still be used to resubmit pages, but be aware the status report might not be correct.

Google My Business Rolling Out Short Names

Google My Business is now rolling out a feature to let businesses create a short name and short URL. The feature is designed to give Google My Business accounts a simple way to make their profile on Google Business more accessible to potential customers. Businesses can use the short URL on materials like business cards, posters, brochures, etc, in order to help customers easily find the business and leave reviews, access contact information, get directions and more.

Google to offer browser, search-app choices in Android Europe set-up flow

In a European antitrust decision last year, Google was ordered stop compelling phone makers to pre-install Google apps to gain access to Google Play. The decision came with a €4.3 billion (roughly $5 billion) fine, which Google is appealing. Despite the appeal, Google is complying with the decision. As part of that process, Google has created a new set-up flow for Android users that requires them to install search and browser apps. This is reminiscent of what Microsoft had to do years ago (2009) in Europe on the desktop, when it was required to offer “browser choice.”

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