2019 Week 18 SEO News Recap

Google My Business May Offer Premium Features for a Monthly Fee

Google is sending out surveys to gauge peoples’ interest in paying for access to premium Google My Business features. Part-way through, the survey introduces you to possible new Google My Business features that the company is considering rolling out as premium offerings. Google seems to be seriously considering offering premium GMB features in the form of subscription bundles.

Some April Google Search Console data lost, manual actions disappeared

Though Google has fixed the Search Console data bug that delayed with most reports supposedly because of the de-indexing bug, we now have learned that data from April 9 to April 25 was completely lost and filled with data from April 26 instead. This impacted all of the reports within Google Search Console with the exception of the Performance report. In addition, Google is investigating another bug in Search Console where manual action notifications are disappearing from within the manual action viewer.

Monitoring structured data with Search Console

Google has introduced three new reports within the new Google Search Console: a new report for unparsable structured data and two new enhancement reports. This post focuses on what you can do with Search Console to monitor and make the most out of structured data for your site. Unparsable structured data is a new report that aggregates structured data syntax errors. New enhancement reports for Sitelinks search box and Logo.

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