2019 Week 2 SEO News Recap

Inside Google Marketing: 3 ways we think about SEO

To really get the most out of SEO it’s important to stay on top of the latest Google Search updates. That’s no different for Google internally. Google owns 7,000 websites that are managed by hundreds of product and marketing teams all over the world. Over 200 changes are made to these websites every single day, all of which could potentially affect a site’s SEO. When it comes to how Google sites appear in Search, they receive the same treatment as any other site on the web, and Google teams follow the same external guidelines provided to webmasters. That’s why Google put in place a cohesive website SEO strategy that we can rely on no matter what fresh changes are introduced — and that anyone else with a website can learn from.

Help influence and understand how your products appear on Google

Shoppers turn to Google to find products that are just right for them. And you rely on Google Manufacturer Center to ensure your products are represented well. In fact, more than 5,000 brands use Manufacturer Center to improve their presence on Google. To kick off the new year, Google is making those interactions even better by introducing new ways to show high-quality and inspirational content to shoppers, and providing robust analytics to help you better understand how customers are interacting with your brands and products across all of Google.

Google’s John Mueller Gives Hard Advice To Low Quality Site

Google’s John Mueller often doesn’t give direct advice that contains hard messages. But in a Google Webmaster Help thread John decided to give the hard truth to one webmaster producing low quality content. In fact, John recommended that he “take the site down, and start over fresh.” He told the webmaster that the content on the site is “a bit questionable” and then goes on to say the content appears to be “spun / rewritten from other websites.” He said that type of content is “spam and against our webmaster guidelines.” That is when he told the webmaster he should take the site down and start over.

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