2019 Week 22 SEO News Recap

Mobile-First Indexing by default for new domains

Google has announced that all new websites “previously unknown to Google Search” will be indexed using mobile-first indexing starting on July 1. Older web sites that are still not being indexed using mobile-first indexing will not be switched yet to mobile-first indexing on July 1st but be moved when those web sites are ready to be moved to mobile-first indexing.

Google Maps adds dish-covery to the menu

Google Maps has added a “popular dishes” section to eatery listings, giving prospective diners a faster way to check out a restaurant’s most talked about food and drinks. The popular dishes section is located within a listing’s overview tab and is already available on Google Maps for Android devices. The section will be rolling out to iOS devices over the next few months.

Google Search Quality In Romania & Other Countries Being Worked On

Google tries hard to make their algorithms work globally but sometimes based on the content saturation in some languages, their algorithms simply don’t work so well in some countries.That seems to be the case in Romania and some other countries based on a conversation in a recent Google hangout. John Mueller from Google admitted that the search quality is aware of specific issues in certain countries with the quality of the search results and he added “maybe I don’t know something that we could still be working on.” He said some of the search quality updates from earlier this year may have triggered complaints from the community that the “quality overall isn’t as good as it used to be.” Those complaints have been passed on to the search quality team and they are 100% aware of the issues.

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