2019 Week 23 SEO News Recap

Google June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update Now Rolling Out

As expected, Google told us that the June 2019 core update has started to roll out. It may take several days to roll out to all of Google’s data centers but the process has started yesterday afternoon. On Sunday, Google pre-announced this, which was rare, but they said they will be doing an update this week – a core update to the search ranking algorithms.

Google adds Googlebot desktop vs. mobile selector for Rich Results test

Google has updated its rich results testing tool with the ability to run separate tests for mobile and desktop. The company says this change is being made to assist site owners with preparing for mobile-first indexing. One of Google’s requirements for a site to be considered ready for mobile-first indexing is proper utilization of structured data.More specifically, identical sets of structured data should be present on both versions of a site.

Google search update aims to show more diverse results from different domain names

Google announced on the Search Liaison Twitter account just now that it has updated its search results to show a more diverse set of search results. That means Google will aim to show no more than two results from the same domain for a particular query in the top results.

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