2019 Week 24 SEO News Recap

Webmaster Conference: an event made for you

Google officially announced the Webmaster Conference, a series of local events around the world. These events are primarily located where it’s difficult to access search conferences or information about Google Search, or where there’s a specific need for a Search event. For example, if they identify that a region has problems with hacked sites, Google may organize an event focusing on that specific topic.

Google Maps displaying redirect notice alerts when users click on business website URLs

For a few days now, if a searcher tries to click your website URL within your Google Maps listing, they will receive a “redirect notice” from Google. The notice reads: “The previous page is sending you to [the URL you clicked on],” and then adds, “If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to the previous page.” This is likely causing a drop in traffic from Google Maps and may be impacting local businesses in terms of foot traffic and website traffic.

Google Officially Launches New Search Menu Bar With Icons

After a few months of testing, Google has officially launched the new icon based top menu search bar on desktop search. So instead of it just showing text for the search categories or verticals, i.e. news, videos, images, maps, shopping, finance, etc – there are cute little icons that accompany those text links. Google confirmed with Search Engine Land that this new look started to roll out on Thursday.

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