2019 Week 25 SEO News Recap

Helping businesses capture their identity with Google My Business

At a pre-announcement event yesterday in San Francisco, Google shared some GMB “momentum” data, including the fact that Google enables, “three billion direct connections between merchants and users per month.” The company also said that there are three million bookings monthly through Google. And there are now 95 million people, globally, participating in the local guides program. The new GMB capabilities and features announced include: Add a logo, Cover photo, Dynamic photo module, Welcome offers, Promotional assets

How we help you find lyrics in Google Search

Genius, a song lyrics website, accused Google of stealing its lyrics without a proper licensing agreement. Google responded to those accusations in a blog post, saying, again, that it “licenses the lyrics text from third parties” and does “not crawl or scrape websites to source these lyrics.” However, it is going to begin attributing licensed content to its partners.

Bye Bye Preferred Domain setting

Google announced it is no longer supporting the preferred domain setting in Google Search Console. In short, this feature is not moving from the old Google Search Console to the new version. The preferred domain setting is an old Google Search Console feature that has been part of the toolset since it was named Google Webmaster Tools. It let you communicate to Google the preferred domain is the one that you would like/used to index your site’s pages, which is also referred to as the canonical domain.

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