2019 Week 26 SEO News Recap

Google Confirms GoogleBot Does Not Support HTTP Pipelining

Gary Illyes from Google confirmed yesterday that GoogleBot does not support HTTP pipelining. The truth is, most modern browsers don’t support it either by default. HTTP pipelining is a technique in which multiple HTTP requests are sent on a single TCP (transmission control protocol) connection without waiting for the corresponding responses. This concept is supported in HTTP/2, the specific technique was superseded by multiplexing via HTTP/2, which is supported by most modern browsers and is likely supported by GoogleBot.

A new way to discover Google tools to grow your small business

Google announced a new website Thursday with resources aimed at helping small businesses get started with Google products. The launch coincides with International Small Business day. The site, Google for Small Business, includes “personalized plans” with recommendations of Google products based on a company’s answers to several prompt questions such as whether the business is online, offline a hybrid and its selected goal to either stand out online, reach more customers or work more efficiently.

Google No Longer Uses Social Profile Markup for Knowledge Panels

Google announced on Twitter that they have deprecated support for social profile markup for knowledge panels. According to Google, you can either claim your knowledge panel or let Google check out without the markup. You can visit the Google docs about social profile that mentioned at the top in red color text “Social profile markup for Google knowledge panel is deprecated. We now automatically discover social profiles to include in Google knowledge panels. If you’re verified as an official representative, you can suggest a change directly. Learn more at Update your Google knowledge panel.”

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