2019 Week 28 SEO News Recap

How we keep Search relevant and useful

Danny Sullivan from Google published a blog post saying Google made 3,200 changes to its search systems last year. Google also informed us they updated the how search works data with that a few months ago. That is about 9 changes per day to search. How many of those changes are core ranking versus changing the pixel location of the search box or font sizes is unknown.

Google News rolling out card layout on desktop search results

Google is now rolling out a new design for the Google News search results while on desktop. The new design removes the news clusters of stories and brings you a single featured story in a card-like result.

Google: Be Consistent. Use Either Slash Or No Slash After URL, Not Both.

Google’s John Mueller said it is best to be consistent with your URL structure and either choose to use slashes after the URL or not to use slashes after the URL. Try not to use both formats if possible. He posted this on Twitter when asked about slashes after URLs “The best solution is to be consistent and only use one version of a URL. Link to that version, redirect to it, use it in sitemaps, use it for rel-canonical, etc.”

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