2019 Week 3 SEO News Recap

Google May Consolidate Even More Search Console Messages

Google already began consolidating the mobile-first indexing notifications sent via Google Search Console. But Google confirmed that if the consolidation goes well, they may go ahead and do it for other types of notifications. Google’s Webmasters channel on Twitter said “We’re seeing how this works out, and might make other messages more like this in the future.” This was in response to someone liking the grouped messaging.

Google Search Console’s URL inspection tool adds HTTP response, page resources, JS logs and rendered screenshot

Google announced some new features within their URL inspection tool found within the Google Search Console. The tool added the ability to see a specific URL’s HTTP response code, the page resources, the JavaScript logs and a rendered screenshot.

Ways to succeed in Google News

Danny Sullivan, public liaison for Google Search, posted on the Google Webmaster blog some tips on how to succeed in Google News in 2019. “We’d like to offer some best practices and advice we hope will lead publishers to more success within Google News in 2019,” Sullivan wrote. He provided some key takeaways for Google News SEO best practices.

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