2019 Week 30 SEO News Recap

Google notifying webmasters to remove noindex from robots.txt files

As part of Google fully removing support for the noindex directive in robots.txt files, Google is now sending notifications to those that have such directives. This morning, many within the SEO community started getting notifications from Google Search Console with the subject line “Remove “noindex” statements from the robots.txt of…”

Google: YMYL Sites Should Have An Expert To Write The Content

Google’s John Mueller talked about YMYL, specific to the health space, and mentioned that it is if you are writing about a topic on health that you are not an expert on then you are starting off already on a “shaky foundation.” He said it probably makes sense for you to find experts to write or review what you wrote so that the content is “correct and it’s trustworthy.” He added it is content you want to feel comfortable that your friends can share with other friends.

Helping publishers and users get more out of visual searches on Google Images with AMP

Google said as part of its swipe to visit in image search feature that they are adding a new performance report view. Google said it is adding “AMP on image result” filter to the performance report within Google Search Console. Google wrote “In the coming weeks, publishers can also view their traffic data from AMP in Google Images in a Search Console’s performance report for Google Images in a new search area named “AMP on Image result”.”

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