2019 Week 36 SEO News Recap

Introducing Auto-DNS verification in the new Search Console

Google announced that site owners can now verify their web sites with Google Search Console in a new way, auto-DNS verification. This works with a select number of domain name service providers and can help simplify the process of getting your website verified within Google Search Console.

It’s OK if Structured Data From Desktop Version is Missing from AMP

In a recent Webmaster Hangout, John Mueller’s provided some interesting insight into structured data and content that is visible to the site visitor. The question posed was, “With the desktop version I have structured data but no AMP version. Does it violate Google’s policy because of two different versions?” John noted that, “It doesn’t violate our policies.” and continued with “But we really, really want you to have the AMP version be equivalent to the normal version of your website. So structured data is usually less of a problem but content-wise, navigation-wise, internal linking, all of that should be equivalent on AMP so that when users go to your AMP page they’re not served a stripped-down page that doesn’t serve their needs.”

Switched To Mobile-First Indexing? Google Still Crawls Some Pages As Desktop

Even if your site was switched to mobile-first indexing, it doesn’t mean that Google will only crawl and render your pages using the GoogleBot mobile useragent. Google says they still send out the desktop GoogleBot to those pages to check on things. In fact, JohnMueller from Google said there is like a 2-3:1 split between useragents. He said on Twitter “so when we shift to mobile first indexing for a domain, it’s 2/3rd mobile, 1/3rd desktop.”

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