2019 Week 38 SEO News Recap

Making Review Rich Results more helpful

Search results that are enhanced by review rich results can be extremely helpful when searching for products or services. To make them more helpful and meaningful, Google is introducing algorithmic updates to reviews in rich results. This also addresses some of the invalid or misleading implementations webmasters have flagged.

Google Search Console Datasets Schema Enhancements Report A Year Later

Over a year after Google launched the ability for dataset schema to show up in the Google search results, Google has added reporting around it in Google Search Console. The new datasets schema report is now in the enhancements section for sites that have deployed this schema. If you have it enabled in your account, you’ll find it under the Enhancements sections. 

Google tests “in this video” search feature

Google often shows video results in its search results, in fact, Google has a feature to show suggested clips, a method to jump you to the portion of the video that answers your specific query. Now, it appears, Google is testing showing “in this video” – a timeline that shows you what sections of the video talks about subtopics.

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