2019 Week 39 SEO News Recap

Fresher data in your site’s Search Performance report

Google has announced you can now get fresher data in the Google Search Console performance reports. Google also now lets you export the data using a custom date range. Google said the data is “as recent as less than a day old.” Previously, the data was updated within about three days. Fresh data is replaced with the final data point after a few days and is not yet available via the API.

Google won’t pay French publishers copyright fees, will limit content in search results instead

Last year, the European Parliament passed a new Copyright Directive that was intended to generate licensing revenue for authors and publishers from big internet companies such as Google and Facebook. France was the first country in the EU to implement the new rules domestically. Google now says it will not pay French publishers the expected copyright licensing fees. Instead, the company will show links and “very short” extracts of news content, which don’t run afoul of the law (Article 15, formerly Article 11). The law seeks to capture licensing fees when more than links and a few words are shown by third party news aggregators.

Google Search Console Breadcrumb Report Had Errors

Google recently  launched a new Search Console enhancement report for breadcrumb markup. Well, that report already had a bug with it. Google posted in the data anomalies page “Google fixed an error in Breadcrumb validation (the last crumb in the chain does not, in fact, require an explicit URL target). As a result, you may see a reduction in errors in your Breadcrumbs report going forward.” Google said this happened on September 26, 2019 and currently does not have an end date.

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