2019 Week 42 SEO News Recap

Google may be having issues showing new content again

Google seems to be having issues showing new and fresh content from web sites and publishers. This seems to be impacting both large and small publishers, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN and even, Search Engine Land. If you filtered Google News to show content within the past hour for the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times, sites that both produce a ton of content all the time, you will see Google showing very few stories.

Bing Spotted Showing Domain Sources In Image Carousels

A new image carousel feature is being tested by Bing that features a preview of the image accompanied by the page title and domain name on its main search results page. “We’re experimenting with it on a set of image answer queries,” the Bing Images team said. This test was seen by digital marketing consultant Frank Sandtmann, who, although based in Germany, noticed it showing in US results.

Google: Redirecting A Domain To A Brand New Site Is Not A Site Move

Over the weekend, John Mueller of Google had an interesting back and forth with an SEO about a redirect. In short, it seems someone took an old domain, redirected that domain to a new domain, with completely different content on the new domain. The SEO felt the site would just rank because of the redirect. Redirecting unrelated domain names to migrate the links from that unrelated domain name doesn’t really work well since Google knows the links to the original domain name should not be counted on this new domain, because they are unrelated.

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