2019 Week 45 SEO News Recap

Get faster with the new Speed report in Search Console

To help site owners on the quest to fast web experience, Google has been iterating on the Speed Report in Search Console based on all the feedback from beta testers and has begun public rollout. The Speed report automatically assigns groups of similar URLs into “Fast”, “Moderate”, and “Slow” buckets. The report classifies URLs by speed and the issue that causes any slowdowns. Drill down on a specific issue to see examples of slow URLs to help you prioritize performance improvements for them.

EU’s Vestager says Google’s antitrust proposal not helping shopping rivals

European antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager said that Google’s efforts to drive more traffic to European comparison shopping rivals have essentially failed. This is a reversal of her previous support for the changes Google made in response to a European Commission finding in 2017 that the company had “abused its market position” in shopping search.

Google: Do Not Use Robots.txt To Block Indexing Of URLs With Parameters

Google’s John Mueller said you should absolutely not “use robots.txt to block indexing of URLs with parameters.” He said if you do that then Google “cannot canonicalize the URLs, and you lose all of the value from links to those pages.” Instead use rel-canonicals and link consistently throughout your site.

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