2019 Week 46 SEO News Recap

Google Video Structured Data Help Document Gets A Big Update

Lizzi Harvey from Google announced on Twitter that the video structured data doc got a big refresh. I took a quick look and yes, it is so much better. Google added More screenshots, how to mark timestamps on YouTube videos, how monitor your video performance with Search Console, the live badge docs are now merged with main video docs and so much more.

Google Answers November Update Question

In a Webmaster Hangout, a publisher asked Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, what to do about their 40% decline in traffic due to Google’s update. John offered advice on what they should focus on, as well as what not to focus on.

Google Warns: Don’t Build Your Business Around Google Discover Traffic

Gary Illyes from Google commented on how some publishers are getting insane traffic from Google Discover, the feature where Google shows articles from publishers on its Google.com home page. Gary said on Twitter “I just hope people realize that this may go away overnight and they don’t build their whole business model around it.”

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