2019 Week 47 SEO News Recap

New reporting for Products Results in Search Console

Google recently announced that in addition to schema.org markup, product data feeds submitted through Google Merchant Center and Google Manufacturer Center will be used to enrich Google Search shopping journeys. Google is now announcing a new Search Appearance in the Search Console Performance report, which captures search stats for Product rich results on Google Search.

Google Warns Of Chrome Mixed Content Change & Impact On Rankings?

Google posted on Twitter that Chrome is making changes to how it handles mixed content and you should be on top of it for your users. Also mixed content can break your HTTPS security, but as we know, the HTTPS ranking boost is not dependent on HTTPS being valid right now and neither is rendering said Google. Google wrote “The Chrome mixed content change, does it affect your site’s Googlebot rendering? Probably not!” Then Google went on to share a bunch of things you should be concerned about and tips to address it for your web site. 

Google Is Better at Indexing JavaScript But Delays Are Still An Issue

With Googlebot running on the most recent version of Chrome and JavaScript content being indexed faster than ever, it’s apparent that Google is getting better at indexing JavaScript. It feels like SEO professionals are finally reaching the happy ending to a long and complicated movie. Unfortunately, this movie has a twist: JavaScript indexing delays are still a massive issue.

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