2019 Week 7 SEO News Recap

Query Syntax

Understanding query syntax may be the most important part of a successful search strategy. What words do people use when searching? What type of intent do those words describe? This is much more than simple keyword research.

Google drops mobile app properties from GSC, reminds site owners to remove G+ integrations

This past week, Google sent out notifications to webmasters, SEOs and developers through Google Search Console telling them that mobile app properties and Google+ web integrations will no longer be supported. As part of the sunset, all Google+ web integrations will stop serving on March 7, 2019.

Google Flights Search Results Box Drops

When you do flight related queries for travel, often you would see a search box at the top showing the vertical search feature from Google Flights. Well, it seems the number of times that box shows up had significantly dropped. This appears to be a bug and flight search results are beginning to appear more frequently again. 

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