2019 Week 8 SEO News Recap

Google Algorithms Detect & Adjust Rankings For YMYL Queries

A Google white paper mentions explicitly that Google’s algorithms can detect if a query is related to YMYL, your money your life, related content and then adjust the weights of the ranking algorithm for those specific queries. There has been some debate in the SEO industry if Google is indeed doing this so now this should clear that up. Google wrote in the white paper on page 13, “where our algorithms detect that a user’s query relates to a “YMYL” topic, we will give more weight in our ranking systems to factors like our understanding of the authoritativeness, expertise, or trustworthiness of the pages we present in response.”

Google Search Console sending alerts for big ranking, traffic drops

Google is now sending alerts and notifications from Google Search Console when it detects a “substantial drop” in clicks to your website from the Google search results compared to previous weeks data. Google is basically looking at week-over-week data in the Performance report and if the data is substantially off, Google can send a notification to verified property owners in Search Console of the change.

Google Advises Against Using Tag Manager to Implement Structured Data]

Google’s John Mueller advises SEOs not to implement structured data using Google Tag Manager. While this is something that technically can be done, it’s better to embed structured data directly on the page. The topic of adding structured data via Google Tag Manager has come up before, but it seems SEOs aren’t getting the message.

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