2019 Week 9 SEO News Recap

Google Responds to Uproar Over Unlinked Featured Snippets

Search marketing consultant Cyrus Shepard tweeted about a featured snippet with zero links back to the websites from which the information came from. Several in the SEO community compared Google to scrapers.The sentiment on Twitter about the unlinked featured snippet was less than positive. Google’s Danny Sullivan responded with an explanation of the featured snippets and offered to bring publisher concerns back to Google.

Announcing domain-wide data in Search Console

Domain properties show data for all URLs under the domain name, including all protocols, subdomains, and paths. They give you a complete view of your website across Search Console, reducing the need to manually combine data. So regardless of whether you use m-dot URLs for mobile pages, or are (finally) getting the migration to HTTPS set up, Search Console will be able to help with a complete view of your site’s data with regards to how Google Search sees it.

AMP user experience updates include video, lists, more

Google announced the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project to improve the user experience on mobile devices in 2015. Since then, the web publishing framework has advanced significantly to support a large array of on-page elements and options including support for ads, analytics, interactive elements, dynamic geo-targeting and more. This week, the team released an overview of the updates that have rolled out since January including video and user interface improvements.

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