2019 Week 11 SEO News Recap

Help Google Search know the best date for your web page

Google determines a date using a variety of factors, including but not limited to: any prominent date listed on the page itself or dates provided by the publisher through structured markup. Google doesn’t depend on one single factor because all of them can be prone to issues. Publishers may not always provide a clear visible date. Sometimes, structured data may be lacking or may not be adjusted to the correct time zone. That’s why Google’s systems look at several factors to come up with what they consider to be their best estimate of when a page was published or significantly updated. To help Google to pick the right date, site owners and publishers should show a clear date and use structured data:

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2019 Week 9 SEO News Recap

Google Responds to Uproar Over Unlinked Featured Snippets

Search marketing consultant Cyrus Shepard tweeted about a featured snippet with zero links back to the websites from which the information came from. Several in the SEO community compared Google to scrapers.The sentiment on Twitter about the unlinked featured snippet was less than positive. Google’s Danny Sullivan responded with an explanation of the featured snippets and offered to bring publisher concerns back to Google.

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2019 Week 8 SEO News Recap

Google Algorithms Detect & Adjust Rankings For YMYL Queries

A Google white paper mentions explicitly that Google’s algorithms can detect if a query is related to YMYL, your money your life, related content and then adjust the weights of the ranking algorithm for those specific queries. There has been some debate in the SEO industry if Google is indeed doing this so now this should clear that up. Google wrote in the white paper on page 13, “where our algorithms detect that a user’s query relates to a “YMYL” topic, we will give more weight in our ranking systems to factors like our understanding of the authoritativeness, expertise, or trustworthiness of the pages we present in response.”

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2019 Week 6 SEO News Recap

A New Google Useragent Named google-speakr

Some folks are seeing a new useragent in their log files named google-speakr. The for that useragent, at least during accessing the sites is which resolves to Google. SEOs and webmasters are asking if this is some sort of Google Assistant or Home crawler or something else Danny Sullivan noted, “That’s an useragent used when Google Go fetches a page to make sure it has the most up-to-date information before it translates it to read aloud. We’ll see about adding documentation.”

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