2018 Week 33 SEO News Recap

Helping you find useful information fast on Search

oogle has announced a new form of featured snippets aimed at showing you more useful aspects of the topic around your search. So, when you search for a query that triggers this new format, you will get a handful of expandable snippets below the main featured snippet with more information.For example, if you search for [quartz vs. granite] you get the main featured snippet, with images, and then four additional featured snippets that can be expanded to show you ideas on costs, benefits, weight and durability. Another example: When you search for [emergency fund], you get the main featured snippet, followed by size, importance, savings account and purpose. Continue reading 2018 Week 33 SEO News Recap

2018 Week 32 SEO News Recap

Google Does Not Use Quality Raters for Machine Learning Algos

There was speculation by a few different SEOs that Google might possibly be using results from quality raters for machine learning training. Data sets used for machine learning tend to be pretty large, and while there are a fair number of quality raters, it wouldn’t be close to the numbers that would be needed to effectively train for machine learning purposes.  Not only that, Google tests many different algo changes with the raters, and some of those algos could be pretty extreme in their targeting, which again would make the raters results a poor set to use for machine learning. Continue reading 2018 Week 32 SEO News Recap

2018 Week 31 SEO News Recap

Google confirms broad search algorithm update is rolling out

Google confirmed Wednesday on Twitter that it released a “broad core algorithm update” this week. This was after the search community noticed shifts in rankings and traffic earlier this morning. Google will release several algorithm updates per year that it may confirm, while many others are not confirmed or recognized by Google. Continue reading 2018 Week 31 SEO News Recap

2018 Week 30 SEO News Recap

Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines Updated: Beneficial Purpose, Creator Reputation & More

It has been a year since we last saw Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines updated, but they released a brand new version over the weekend.  Here is what has changed, with commentary about why it is important for site owners and tips they can take away from it to incorporate into their own sites. Continue reading 2018 Week 30 SEO News Recap

2018 Week 29 SEO News Recap

An update to referral source URLs for Google Images

For webmasters, it hasn’t always been easy to understand the role Google Images plays in 20driving site traffic. To address this, Google will roll out a new referer URL specific to Google Images over the next few months. The referer URL is part of the HTTP header, and indicates the last page the user was on and clicked to visit the destination webpage. If you use Google Analytics to track site data, the new referral URL will be automatically ingested and traffic will be attributed to Google Images appropriately. This change will not affect Search Console. Continue reading 2018 Week 29 SEO News Recap

2018 Week 28 SEO News Recap

Google Search Console Search Analytics API now gives you 25,000 rows per request

On Friday, Google announced that the Search Console Search Analytics API now lets developers request 25,000 rows of data per request. This figure is up from 5,000 rows of data per request previously. Google also added 16 months of data to the Search Analytics API, so giving developers a way to get more data out of the API is a good thing. Continue reading 2018 Week 28 SEO News Recap