2019 Week 5 SEO News Recap

Google Fixing AMP Errors; Nothing To Fix On Your End Now

Many webmasters, developers and publishers are complaining about AMP issues in Google mobile search and within the Google Search Console. Some are seeing Google show their stories in the “Top Stories” section with and without the AMP icon within minutes of each other. Others are noticing significant spikes in AMP errors reported within Google Search Console. Either way, it seems to be a widespread issue and John Mueller, a Google webmaster trends analyst said he is investigating the reports.

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2019 Week 4 SEO News Recap

France Slaps Google With €50M Fine For Privacy Violation Under GDPR

French regulators hit Google with a €50 million (about $57 million) fine for violating a sweeping package of European data protection and privacy rules that wants to reshape the way online companies do business. In the first slap brought under the GDPR (General Data Production Regulation) since it went into effect last May, France’s data privacy watchdog CNIL accused the search giant for lack of transparency, providing inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding personalization of ads.

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2019 Week 3 SEO News Recap

Google May Consolidate Even More Search Console Messages

Google already began consolidating the mobile-first indexing notifications sent via Google Search Console. But Google confirmed that if the consolidation goes well, they may go ahead and do it for other types of notifications. Google’s Webmasters channel on Twitter said “We’re seeing how this works out, and might make other messages more like this in the future.” This was in response to someone liking the grouped messaging.

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2019 Week 2 SEO News Recap

Inside Google Marketing: 3 ways we think about SEO

To really get the most out of SEO it’s important to stay on top of the latest Google Search updates. That’s no different for Google internally. Google owns 7,000 websites that are managed by hundreds of product and marketing teams all over the world. Over 200 changes are made to these websites every single day, all of which could potentially affect a site’s SEO. When it comes to how Google sites appear in Search, they receive the same treatment as any other site on the web, and Google teams follow the same external guidelines provided to webmasters. That’s why Google put in place a cohesive website SEO strategy that we can rely on no matter what fresh changes are introduced — and that anyone else with a website can learn from.

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2019 Week 1 SEO News Recap

Google Assistant Should Improve IQ With Acquisition of Q & A Startup Superpod

Google has acquired the startup Superpod, an app allowing users to post questions and receive answers from experts within an hour, Axios reports. The roughly $60 million acquisition includes hiring the startup’s founders and obtaining some assets—a deal that will likely boost the ability of Google Assistant to accurately answer questions. Further aspects of the acquisition are being kept quiet. Superpod shut down its app in September “as part of a transition into a larger project.”

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2018 Week 52 SEO News Recap

Mueller: Focus your SEO on Google’s status quo

Though web browsers are becoming more and more advanced, that doesn’t mean you should build websites that you know only the latest web browsers support, nor should you build websites that GoogleBot, Google’s web crawler, cannot fully crawl and index. That was the advice from Google’s John Mueller, when asked about Google’s status on modernizing GoogleBot to a more recent version of Chrome.

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