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2019 Week 25 SEO News Recap

Helping businesses capture their identity with Google My Business

At a pre-announcement event yesterday in San Francisco, Google shared some GMB “momentum” data, including the fact that Google enables, “three billion direct connections between merchants and users per month.” The company also said that there are three million bookings monthly through Google. And there are now 95 million people, globally, participating in the local guides program. The new GMB capabilities and features announced include: Add a logo, Cover photo, Dynamic photo module, Welcome offers, Promotional assets

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2019 Week 24 SEO News Recap

Webmaster Conference: an event made for you

Google officially announced the Webmaster Conference, a series of local events around the world. These events are primarily located where it’s difficult to access search conferences or information about Google Search, or where there’s a specific need for a Search event. For example, if they identify that a region has problems with hacked sites, Google may organize an event focusing on that specific topic.

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2019 Week 23 SEO News Recap

Google June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update Now Rolling Out

As expected, Google told us that the June 2019 core update has started to roll out. It may take several days to roll out to all of Google’s data centers but the process has started yesterday afternoon. On Sunday, Google pre-announced this, which was rare, but they said they will be doing an update this week – a core update to the search ranking algorithms.

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2019 Week 22 SEO News Recap

Mobile-First Indexing by default for new domains

Google has announced that all new websites “previously unknown to Google Search” will be indexed using mobile-first indexing starting on July 1. Older web sites that are still not being indexed using mobile-first indexing will not be switched yet to mobile-first indexing on July 1st but be moved when those web sites are ready to be moved to mobile-first indexing.

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2019 Week 21 SEO News Recap

Google Stopped Indexing The Web?

There was a serious Google bug if you try to find recent content indexed by Google – Google wasn’t able to help you out. If you tried to search for content around May 22 from sites like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or almost any site, you were out of luck. Google confirmed there was an issue and they worked to resolve it as of May 23. 

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2019 Week 20 SEO News Recap

Google: Crawl Budgets & Delays Not About Page Size

There was a question asked about crawl budget at a recent Google office hours and if a page the size of 10mb can reduce crawl budget compared to a page only 400kb. All the Googlers shook their heads no. What does matter is the number of requests your server can handle. If Google detects that your server is slowing down in terms of the number of requests, Google will back off a bit to make sure GoogleBot isn’t the reason your server crashes. But page size really isn’t a direct factor to Google slowing down the crawl of your web site.

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