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2018 Week 27 SEO News Recap

Google My Business Insights adds queries used to find your business

Google My Business is rolling out a new report in the Insights section of the console that is designed to show businesses how people are searching within Google Maps or Google Search to find your local listings. It is called the “queries used to find your business” report, and it shows the most popular queries for your business by unique users within a time frame. Continue reading 2018 Week 27 SEO News Recap

2018 Week 26 SEO News Recap

Google Adds New Hotel Carousel Features to Search Results

Google is testing a new carousel style feature to local packs for resorts and hotels.  In addition to the usual information, it has added an additional carousel before the listings. Dr. Pete Meyers spotted the test. There are new buttons in a carousel for “Top Choices”, “Guest Favorites”, and “Budget Options” among others. Continue reading 2018 Week 26 SEO News Recap

2018 Week 25 SEO News Recap

Get verified to manage your presence on Google

When you search for well-known people, organizations and things on Google, you’ll often come across a Knowledge Panel on the results page—a box with an overview of key information and links to resources to help you go deeper. Individuals and organizations with Knowledge Panels can use Google’s verification process to claim their panels and provide authoritative feedback on the information and images presented. Now Google is updating that process as well as extending verification eligibility to more entities. Continue reading 2018 Week 25 SEO News Recap

2018 Week 23 SEO News Recap

Easily manage thousands of locations with the Google My Business Agency Dashboard

Google has announced that the Google My Business Agency Dashboard is launching today. We had heard that this feature was coming a month ago, and now it is live. The Agency Dashboard lets local marketing agencies and local SEOs manage multiple listings in a more efficient and productive manner. If you are an agency, you can register here to gain access to the new dashboard. Continue reading 2018 Week 23 SEO News Recap

2018 Week 22 SEO News Recap

Upcoming Google Speed Update Will Look More Closely At Page Speed Variations

John Mueller of Google mentioned the upcoming Speed Update coming to mobile search in July, he said that will be a “little bit more differentiated.” We know it will use real Chrome user data, which the revised page insights tool from Google has told us already. But John makes it sound like it is not only going to be about really really slow sites suffering but maybe different levels. Continue reading 2018 Week 22 SEO News Recap