2019 Week 34 SEO News Recap

amp-script: AMP ❤ JS

Google announced custom JavaScript can now be added to AMP pages. The amp-script component can be used to enable user interactions, and to share code across AMP-enabled and non-AMP pages. The AMP team said this was one of the most requested features from developers using AMP. It enables web pages delivered via AMP to incorporate more of the interactivity features that JavaScript offers.

What is ‘Google Screened’ and how does it differ from ‘Google Guaranteed’?

Google Screened is currently a test program limited to a few verticals in a few markets: lawyers (estate planning, immigration), financial planners and realtors in San Diego and Houston. Businesses must also possess a star rating on Google of 3.0 or greater to be eligible. There’s no application fee for Local Services advertisers (in the relevant categories and markets). Google Screened businesses must also have a license and pass civil and criminal background checks.

Google UI Bug Drops URLs From Search Results Page

Google looks to have been testing desktop search desktop results as a searcher noticed that for some search result listings, the snippets don’t have URLs showing up. Instead you just see a favicon, a hashtag and an arrow down. This seems to only impact the interface Google is testing with favicons on the desktop results, not the main user interface.

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